Plumbing FAQ


What should I do in the event of a leak or flood?

If you experience flooding you can start by shutting off the main water line to your house. Buckets or empty storage containers can be used to collect dripping and towels can helps contain the water to affected areas. We provide 24/7 emergency plumbing to assist home owners experiencing leaks and flooding.

Why do faucets leak?

Typically a dirty or worn out seal within the faucet will lead to leaking. Often this can be fixed by replacing the components. However, some home owners take this opportunity to upgrade older faucets to newer and more stylish ones.

How much does a typical plumbing repair cost?

Plumbing systems are complicated and issues can arise for a number of different reasons. Since there’s not a one size fits all solution to every plumbing problem our professionals will always take the time to properly assess and understand your issue. We’ll give you a no-surprises quote so you know what needs to be done and what the costs are before we get started.

Should I try to fix my plumbing issue myself to save money?

There are some basic scenarios where a do-it-yourself approach might be suitable if you have some experience. However, without a working knowledge of how water supply, drainage, and venting systems work together a DIY project can quickly become a decision you regret. A study done by Zillow discovered that many home owners who attempt a home project themselves end up wishing they hadn’t due to several factors including the time spent, quality of work, injuries, or the project going over budget. Plumbing is hard work, and the team at Harmcor will make sure it’s done right.

Am I eligible for a tax credit with a tankless water heater?

Absolutely. One of the many benefits of a tankless water heater is that the federal government is offering tax credits up to $1500 for home owners that replace their older less efficient tank heaters.

Why do I have low water pressure?

Low water pressure can be a result of build up in the faucet or shower head. It may also indicate an issue with your water line. If you’re unsure you can count on our experts to properly diagnose and fix the problem.


Why does my toilet keep running?

The water level in the toilet tank is managed by an adjustable float. A float that is positioned too low produces a weak flush. However, if it’s set too high, water spills into the overflow tube and the fill valve won’t shut off. If that happens the toilet won’t stop running.

What should I do if my toilet starts to wiggle or rock?

If you’ve started to notice some movement in your toilet there’s a risk that it could start to leak. It’s advised to have a plumbing professional take a look right away to inspect the condition of the toilet and ensure no leaks have occurred.

What is causing my shower head to have a weak or uneven spray?

Providing the water pressure to the rest of your home is good the issue is most likely your shower head. The holes can become clogged with mineral deposits from the water which can be easily cleaned at home. If cleaning isn’t possible it may be time to replace the shower head.

Why does my bathtub caulking keep peeling away from the walls?

The weight of the filled bathtub is causing the caulking to stretch too much. If you fill your tub before applying the caulking it will help resolve the issue.


The water from my kitchen tap is barely coming out. What's causing this?

Check to make sure it’s not a larger issue and that only your kitchen tap is being affected. If it’s just your kitchen, the aerator is likely plugged and needs to be cleaned or replaced.

My sink is draining slowly so I tried a drain cleaning product but it didn't work. What else can I do?

Drain cleaners are typically designed to clear blockages so if the drain is still emptying slowly the product might simply drain away. If these products aren’t working for you give us a call and we’ll be glad to sort it out.

Why do I smell sewage when using my dishwasher?

If you detect a sewer smell when using your dishwasher the cause is most likely a blockage in the vent or the drain of the pipes. Sewage smells can can occur when standing water collects in the dishwasher due to draining issues. Additionally, if either the drain or the vent are clogged, then there’s nowhere else for the water to go without first forcing the unwanted air back into the room.

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